Meet and Assist Services

Increasing security procedures upon arrival, departure, and transit in most international airports make traveling more difficult and stressful by the day. Our Meet and Assist services are available for commercial airline passengers to ensure a smooth and uncomplicated airport experience from departure to arrival. This includes meet and assist services, meet and greet services, flight assistance for elderly passengers, and airport assistance upon arrival and departure.Meet-and-Assist-Services


BPMeet and Assist Services to Address Passengers’ Every Needs


Who Can Use Our Meet and Assist Services?

First Class or Business Class Travelers
Our experts ensure a fast and easy airport experience upon arrival, appointing certain passport control lines specifically for you.

Completing departure and arrival procedures with your family is difficult, especially without assistance. Our Meet and Assist service will handle everything for you.


Welcoming Important Guests
Our Meet and Greet service will extend our warmest welcome to your guest, ensuring that their first impression of your country and your business will be memorable.


International Travel to Unknown Destinations
Traveling to new destinations with our Meet and Assist service will eliminate the language barrier during airport customs, immigration, and security procedures.


Guidance and Support Every Step of the Way
Our Meet and Assist services vary from airport to airport around the world. Please let us know your destination in advance to be provided with all the required information regarding our services at that airport.


Our services are available to you upon request and our team would be more than happy to answer any inquires you may have.

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