International Trip Planning

When it comes to planning a trip, failing to plan is planning to fail. We are a premium online trip planner, and guarantee that your international trip is destined for success. We offer our services to those planning an international business trip, and also act as an online vacation trip planner, making sure our clients’ needs are addressed, whatever they may be. We specialize in obtaining permits for clients planning overseas trips or planning multiple trip flights.International-Trip-Planning


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Our Trip Planning Services Include

1Selecting the optimal flight route to ensure maximum efficiency of fuel consumption

2Designing the flight route to avoid countries experiencing political tension that may hinder the flight

3(1)Obtaining permits for all en-route countries on time, every time

4Mapping appropriate airports for technical stops to avoid fuel shortages

5(1)Offering the best fuel prices, handling charges, and airport fees

6Ensuring that the destination airport is an Airport of Entry (AEO) and that its operating hours convenience your schedule

7Assuring that the airport has all the required Ground Services Equipment (GSE) for your convenience and the proper handling of your flight.

8Checking safety and security status and regulations of your destination

9Providing you with airport charts, infrastructure maps, and the runway length of the destination airport

10Estimating all en-route and ground charges for your flight, including:

BP3permits chargesInternational-Trip-Planning2

BP3navigation fees

BP3airport fees

BP3ground handling charges

BP3fuel charges

BP3catering charges

BP3hotel accommodations



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Our services are available to you upon request and our team would be more than happy to answer any inquires you may have.


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