We are continuously asked about our company and our services. To make information about iJET and our services more accessible, we listed the questions we receive most often below. Please feel free to send us any inquiry you may have about iJET, the services we provide, and our business terms if they are not addressed here.

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Your Questions Answered


What distinguishes iJET services from other flight support providers?

We can summarize the answer to this question in two words: WE CARE. Your flight’s success and your satisfaction is extremely important to us. WE CARE that your flight is operated on time and without complications, so you can complete your mission and fulfill your business goals. WE CARE that you leave a good impression on your clients and superiors. WE CARE that you get the utmost benefit from our expertise in international operations for the success of your trips.

Why should I use iJET services?

Not only do we offer our services at a competitive price to you arranging the flight support services yourself, helping you save on recruitment salaries, but there are many technical benefits to using iJET services. Our experience in handling all types of flights and aircrafts around the world has exposed us to circumstances you may never have encountered personally, and we use this knowledge to handle your flights without complication.

Should I assign all of my flight support requirements to iJET?

While our range of services are available to your specific needs without being your exclusive provider, our complete flight support services being at your disposal would be in your best interest. The more of your flights we serve, the better we understand your operational requirements and needs, which will affect the quality of service extended to your flights. Not to mention that the more we have of your business, the better the rates we will be able to offer you.

How does iJET help containing our operational costs?

In addition to help you control and contain your operating costs, we also help you reduce them. Through our purchasing volume and power, and our knowledge of local fees and charges around the world, we offer clients traveling to destinations they don’t frequent special prices offered to frequent flyers. In addition to that, we can also help you cut costs by alerting you to and assisting you with exemptions you might be unable to claim directly.

How much does iJET charge?

Depending on the volume of our client’s fleet and the frequency of their flights, we come to agreements with our clients regarding discounted charges that apply to every service we can provide them. As the number of flights you assign to iJET increases, so do the discounts.