About Us

We are an international trip-planning and flight management company, specializing in providing regulatory authorizations and ground support services to aircraft operators around the world. From our Malta headquarters in the heart of Europe, our experts are able to manage our global network, ensuring that our clients’ trips are operated effectively and efficiently. We follow the industry’s standards and best practices, and apply our own personal expertise to ensure that our clients receive high-quality care on time, every time.


BPExpert Planning that Delivers High-Quality, Comprehensive Services


While we are a newly established company, starting our operations in 2014, our team has years of experience in the industry, offering you the network you need to access a global, specialized experience from a single reliable source. We are dedicated to earning our clients’ trust, which is why iJET is a member of TRACE International, the leading anti-bribery, standard-setting business association. We also act in accordance to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK anti-bribery laws, delivering an unfailingly dependable, trustworthy service to our clients.


Our Clienteles

  • Private jets
  • Charter flights
  • Commercial airlines (Scheduled and non-scheduled flights)
  • Cargo Airlines (Scheduled and non-scheduled flights)
  • Air Ambulance and Medical Evacuation Flights
  • Military and Government Flights
  • Flight Support Providers


How are we different?

iJET is set apart from other international trip planning companies by the following key criteria:


We understand our clients’ needs and tailor our services to fulfill them.


Ensuring the delivery of consistent, high-quality services to our clients.


We constantly monitor how the market changes to provide new products and services.



Joining IJET Means Access to Supportive,
Streamlined Care to Ensure The Success of Your Flights

Our lean operation structure allows us to focus on each client’s individual needs, tailoring our services to meet your operational requirements. After we arrange your services, instead of turning our attention to another client’s trip, we keep a close eye on every phase of your journey to ensure smooth, safe passage and deliver superior, reliable service to our clients.   iJET plays a leading role in the international aviation and flight support services industry, utilizing every opportunity to develop our operations by:

  • Becoming active members of aviation associations
  • Promoting in exhibitions
  • Attending or speaking at conferences and aviation forums
  We take it upon ourselves to vocalize our clients’ concerns and remarks by aviation industry stakeholders and decision-makers, helping us improve aviation infrastructure and ameliorate existing regulations. Presently, iJET is a proud member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and TRACE International, constantly monitoring the global aviation scene and expanding our memberships to reflect our commitment to innovation.     Industry-NBAA