Operating Permits

We extend our permission services to clients planning a trip with us, obtaining any flight or airport operating permits promptly upon request, including over-fly and landing permits. Permits on short-notice is a prestigious service that we consistently extend to our clients, making sure all flights are run on schedule.


iJET will promptly secure all required permits and applications for your operation, including:

1Ad hoc over-fly and Landing Permits

2Scheduled and block permits

3(1)Prior Permission Required (PPR)

4Traffic Rights and Foreign Air Operator Certificates

5(1)Special operating permit


7Guidance and coordination for diplomatic permits

8Overdue permits


BPStay on Time and on Track with Our Quick Permission Services


When you plan your trip with iJET, all over-fly and landing permits are obtained reliably and promptly, even on short notice.


BPiJET Specializes in Obtaining Permits on Short Notice



For many operators, obtaining time-sensitive permits can be difficult. For iJET, securing permits on short notice is one of the many benefits we offer our clients.


Our services are available to you upon request and our team would be more than happy to answer any inquires you may have.

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